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Avoid, It's scam site...

AVOID. is a scam site, pure and simple.

I set up a pseudo account at with fake details.
Name = Gue…. More

allansaurez - September 5, 2019
These people are real scammers

I have tried to unsubscribe on their web site and written several unsubscribe e-mails, but they will just not let you off the hook. These people are real scammers, so unless you want to see €10 disa…. More

andyjurillag4 - August 29, 2019
I would recommend trying another one

They have poor communication with the help desk. Make it almost impossible to refund a charge or to even cancel the subscriptions. They return messages 3 days after you reach them when you can locate …. More

slinejs - August 29, 2019
Avoid at all costs

No real pics. All from Google, models and such. You can’t join this site as a woman! Try it! A clear, painfully obvious attempt to scam lonely men from their hard earned savings.Avoid at all costs.

senfbadt2 - August 29, 2019
Don't pay for the service

Don’t pay for the service. finally you get nothing but money loss. Those girls won’t give you the personal contacts that I thought it is kind of scam. so it will force you continue to spend money for …. More

jude2418law - July 26, 2019 horrible dating site

The worst experience I have ever had.The charge is bloody high and the members seems to intentionally keep you staying there for paying as many credits as possible to chat. When I asked them to chat o…. More

daisyba8iley9876 - July 26, 2019 is pure scam

Luckily I didnt lose so much money. First my profile was in english and I started to write to one of “girls”. It didnt go anywhere and I stopped after 5 paid letters. Then made my profile to see, if I…. More

luke21e8van - July 26, 2019 is a bunch of garbage

This site is a bunch of garbage it rips people off thank you talking to someone and you do you text them right back or email them right back and they don’t even know they talk to you so I know it’s ga…. More

audiedewey8984 - July 26, 2019
I would just stay away from

When I tried Match a few years back I would get all kinds of messages come to find out they were all fake. All had been generated by Match itself and were done to keep people paying for the site. Matc…. More

adrien181br - July 26, 2019
Terrible Site

Terrible pool of dates, minimal and what they do send are such a distance. I get 2 choices every other day, it’s pathetic. So unhappy I made this choice. Not a step up from Match.

atthe1823beth - July 26, 2019