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Really sad to see

They changed how messaging worked and went full “woke” politically. Really sad to see them decline because I met one of my best girlfriends there like 8 years ago. It’s just not as good of a sit…. More

neyvtze - February 12, 2021
Cheers for the weirdos

Cheers for the weirdos that starred at my profile but didn’t speak or reply to messages.

emaicyclegm - February 12, 2021
This site is not worth

This site is not worth the money they want you to pay for membership. There are too many fake profiles and nearly no appropriate matches.

zeithprincessvo - February 11, 2021
Stay away from it

This site is a scam, stay away from it. Don’t waste your money and time.

schaftalgj4 - February 11, 2021
Filled with fake profiles

Blocked me on facebook and customer service refuses to even answer me now. Filled with fake profiles to “like you” so you will sign up and never hear from them.

gesdracepapsl - February 10, 2021
Totally despicable

Totally despicable and dishonest site !!!

vanx3ssa5i - February 10, 2021
Really bad site

Really bad site, lots of fake profiles and scammers. They will ban you from the site due to your ethnicity and you know what that means.

putovaliss - February 9, 2021
Stay a way it is a scam

Stay a way it is a scam

nonviablepu - February 9, 2021
Meet creeps

This is just a dating site to meet creeps, that only care about sex not love. This Website took away alot of features, they took away the best one. profile can’t see who is checking out …. More

orienoreelconpf - February 8, 2021
It's a scam

It’s a scam. Obviously as soon as my sub expired.. I received more messages in my inbox.. and I’d have to pay to read.

gotboiganinotxy - February 8, 2021
Customer service doesn't exist

Customer service doesn’t exist. They do not respond, bill you for service that’s not working and once you request the refund they ban your account. There is hate ruling that place.

caishilemsy - February 7, 2021
Total scam

Total scam, get a million views that mean nothing. You get a message and talk back you get nothing and the conversation disappears

trouzandour3c - February 7, 2021