In this article we will try to reveal the image , the main features of the German Men mentality, which will enable women to better understand the Germans and appreciate their dignity. If you do not know the peculiarities of the mentality of a German man, you can hastily draw the wrong conclusions from communicating with him. It is important to understand that the Germans are different. Of course, not from another planet… But others…

In advance, one should agree with the statement that “one should not cut everyone with the same brush”, because each person is individual, endowed with a set of certain qualities and character traits, has his own characteristics, has gone through his own unique life path. When it comes to the mentality of a German man, then some general trends in the habits of consciousness, stereotypes of thinking and behavior are considered, so to speak, the general average contour of an object. Knowing the peculiarities of the mentality, it is easier to understand and accept a partner, taking into account the positive qualities that are inherent in him. And, it is these qualities that provide the basis for a happy life with him.

Today we will consider in detail such a quality as love of order .


Love for Order

This basic quality of a German man, in fact, looks like a strategy to simplify many life interactions based on well-established rules.


  1. In a clear organization of external space.  – German Men

    • The common external space is a huge number of prescriptions, instructions, regulations that regulate the processes Meetme of interaction at the societal level. For example, in order to apply for a fiancee visa, you must provide a certain package of documents, both from the groom’s side and from the bride’s side. If at least one document is missing, the consulate, according to the instructions, is waiting for its presentation. Another example of following instructions and prescriptions is applying for a job. There is a standardized procedure for document flow and communication with job applicants.
    • Private outdoor space– generally accept norms of living in society – the presence of duties to clean. The house and the roads adjacent to it, sidewalks, garbage separation. Observance of the Sunday rule (work is prohibited), silence during the lunch break (from 12 to 15 hours).

love of order

In a house or apartment, one can also observe a passion for order. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail so as not to litter the space of life. Clothes and household items are check from time to time for the degree of their use in everyday life. If something is not use, they get rid of it with a “light heart” and it doesn’t matter. What it is, beautiful clothes or a food processor. A coffee maker or beautiful candlesticks … Every thing should have your place. Accordingly, everything is sort and laid out according to its intend purpose. It is important to know. Where everything is and not waste precious time looking for this or that thing if necessary.

With regard to documents, a different approach is observe – any receipt. Invoice, bank statement, notifications from insurance companies. Instructions for using devices, various contracts, etc. – everything is store. Sort by folders – “Bank”, “Insurance Company”, “Job”, “Mail”, etc. This is due to the bureaucracy of German society. And it also gives an understanding that the family’s document flow is under control and, if necessary, you can find any paper, bill or certificate.


  1. In the organization of internal space. – German Men

Under the inner space is meant the space of feelings, thoughts. Emotions, spiritual aspirations, a system of values ​​and goals.

was brought up in the spirit of awareness of the inherent value of the human personality, that is, a person’s assessment of his own unique life in all forms – social, spiritual and biological. Self-worth is associated with the ability to determine the meaning of one’s life, which characterizes any actions aimed at achieving one’s goals, at improving oneself and review one’s level of well-being. This self-worth is manifest in the self-sufficiency and independence of German men, in their individualism:

  • special attitude to time, understanding that this is the time of life, that there are many alternatives to its implementation. A man is responsible for his choice.
  • Setting life priorities (it is important to highlight. The main line or path and not be scatter over trifles).
  • Concentration on one thing.
  • Rationality of thinking is not aim at overcoming obstacles. But at finding a simple and easy solution.
  • The desire to streamline feelings, emotions.
  • Mind control when making decisions – the habit of considering the development of situations and possible risks.


  • Develop a plan B as a way out of an unfavorable situation.
  • The desire for stability in relationships is express in their loyalty and devotion to the family.
  • The ability to improvise is not pronounce.
  • Restraint and thoughtfulness in the “clarification of relations.”
  • Willingness to participate in household chores.
  • Decency and honesty as a manifestation of the organization of internal order.
  • Preference is give to a healthy lifestyle.


The love of order in modern life helps to avoid unnecessary stress, saves time and makes you feel quite invulnerable. Order in the house, order in the garden. Regulation of duties and actions. At work give rise to the illusion of order in the head.  are very restrain in their emotions and know. What they are striving for, they know what they want. In family life, their predictability. Their loyalty to family traditions are value. If the husband is late after work, then the wife has no doubt. That he is spending time with another woman. The Germans themselves say with a smile. That one woman is enough and are surprise to accept the fact that in Russia many men have mistresses. They appreciate what they have.

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