Our Parents Refuse to Acknowledge Our Relationship

Romeo and Juliet may have been written centuries ago, Acknowledge Our Relationship but it looks like star-crossed lovers are still a thing—at least for throwingaway12123, whose parents don’t approve of her boyfriend “George” because they’re of different religions. In fact, DateMyAge.com his parents don’t approve of her either.

“We both told our parents about our relationship within a few months of dating to disastrous results,” she wrote on Reddit. “My family reacted more strongly with threats of disowning me if we continued our relationship to actually cutting contact for almost a year. George’s parents felt that I should convert to their religion and were angry when he made it clear that this not something that will ever happen. They also threatened to cut contact and said they would not be close to us if we stayed together.”

Acknowledge Our Relationship

She has been keeping her relationship on the DL in front of her parents, but soon, she’ll be moving closer to them and anticipates that it’ll get harder to hide that part of her life. Here’s how Reddit advised her to deal with her impending move and her parents:

“Stop tip-toeing around them. You’re 25. If they can’t accept your relationship/life choices, I would honestly consider spending less time around them. Someone who doesn’t accept you as you are is not someone you want to be around, especially your parents. There’s absolutely no reason for you to hide your perfectly reasonable choices, and especially your HAPPINESS, from your parents. Think about that. DateMyAge.com They care more about their personal grudges/vendettas than they do their own daughter’s happiness.” —sjlwood

Our Parents Refuse to Acknowledge Our Relationship

Hide your Perfectly Reasonable Choices

“You shouldn’t have to create an imaginary life for your parents. At this age, you should be able to be honest with them, at least about the big things. So next time you’re telling a story about George, just say his name. If they react negatively, politely but firmly ask them to respect your choices and your partner. If they can’t, then excuse yourself, either from the conversation or from their house. After a few times, they may learn to keep quiet and let you be open about your life. Or you may start spending less time with them. But I’d give them a chance and hope they start seeing you as an adult who makes her own choices.” —lou222

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“Parents generally want their children to be in their lives. If your parents are behaving poorly, then you can make it clear that as long as they behave that way, you won’t come around. If you’re visiting and they start being sh*tty, you leave. You make it clear that if they continue behaving poorly, they won’t be able to meet any future grandchildren. … If your parents can’t behave themselves, then it’s not you who’ve kicked them out. Rather, they’ve kicked themselves out.” —sowellfan

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“It sounds like you need to make a choice, both of you. Let them disown you and continue your life with your S.O. or keep tip-toeing around. If you can’t change their minds, then stop walking on eggshells and let things happen how they happen

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