How Can I Deal With Jealousy?

The question of how to deal with jealousy is on the TOP 10 list of union problems of all time. This question was asked, for example, by my reader, Anka. She was flooded with blood whenever her guy mentioned her friend. Thirty thousand fans were waiting for thirty thousand fans every day.

Actually, she wouldn’t mind if she wasn’t friends with her man. She knew it from the beginning, but with each passing week she looked at her more and more reluctantly. Whenever she heard her name, it made her twitch. The reason was simple. She was jealous.

She did not know what to do with it, so she provoked scandals, because why does he write so much with her? Why is he calling? Couldn’t he see her less often? How a purebred psychophile followed all the activity of his friend, only to give a seemingly neutral, but venomous remark that she had stretch marks on her ass and that she probably did not return to college, as she had planned before.

But the facts were that she couldn’t handle it at all. She realized it was unjustified, but she still made scenes that echoed her moral hiccups.

I have already written as evidenced by jealousy . Now is the time to discuss how to deal with jealousy.

Realize that jealousy is unproductive

Most emotions fulfill specific and important functions. The pleasant ones let us know what we are doing well and strengthen our motivation. The negative ones let us know what we’re doing wrong. Even fear has its justification, because in crisis situations it turns off our thinking and takes over the command to save our ass.

In this comparison, jealousy is just as useful as purchasing a WinRara license. You can, but it doesn’t do you any good.

If you are concerned about being betrayed, take a step back and think about following someone else’s conversation, discrediting another person or saying, “Don’t go out with XYZ!” will change something? Something for sure, but not for the better. Instead of spending time doing something together, you will keep talking about the person you don’t want to see in his life.

Jealousy never works for anyone. She is not sweet, sexy or attractive. It’s just off-putting because it shows how little you value yourself. Do you know why? Because we are never afraid of SharekAlomre people whom we consider inferior to ourselves. We are afraid of those whom we think are better.

How Can I Deal With Jealousy? | RussianBridesScam 2022

How Can I Deal With Jealousy? Understand that you are not in control of the other person

It is said that if a guy is really interested in being with you, he will call you, take you to the most important place and introduce you to your mother. A project at work, a headache or a broken phone won’t stop him. He’s just borrowing it from a friend.

Of course, this is a gross exaggeration. However, if you believe it, the same principle applies to betrayal. If a guy (a woman too, but let’s stick to one example) wants another person, then having the opportunity, he will get it. He will not be prevented by your prohibitions and orders, weeping and pissing him off. If your guy has to fuck his mistress in the elevator stuck between floors and you won’t do anything about it.

We may say, “I have a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife,” but we don’t really have anyone. We do not sign an ownership agreement and we do not set a PIN and two-step verification to the person we are with. We’re just together. Now. Tomorrow is not necessarily anymore and you never have control over the other person.

Think about where your jealousy comes from

Why are you feeling so jealous? Your parents broke up? Maybe someone has cheated on you in the past? Are you feeling insecure? Anything else?

These are extremely important questions because in order to remove the cause of jealousy, you first need to discover it. If you lack confidence , you can start collecting evidence of your worth (rewards, compliments, achievements). If your parents broke up because of an affair, then it’s worth your while to reflect on all the things that differ between you and their relationship. This will help you realize that it doesn’t have to happen again.

Look at your partner instead of all those around him

I know the chicks will do anything to get your man. (Or at least you can think so.) Only there are still things certain people won’t do. For example, because they have such rules. Indiana Jones will not happily jump into the snake pit. I will not start listening to disco polo. The politician doesn’t suddenly start being honest.

Betrayal does happen, but it is not common. There are tons of people who have never betrayed anyone and will never betray anyone for the rest of their lives. So instead of dealing with everyone’s plots, take your guy’s face in your hands, look him in the eyes, and kiss him. Ask yourself how he treats you. How does he feel about other people. What is important to him.

And then believe him. Not because you’ll never ride it (we don’t know), but because it ‘s more profitable . You can’t control it all the time, right? We already talked about it.

How Can I Deal With Jealousy? Stop thinking and take care of your well-being

Just as you cannot control the other person, so is the area over which you have almost complete control. Do you know what it is? You.

And only you have an influence on what you do. What do you want. Do you believe in yourself. Do you dance in your underwear when you come home or do you prefer to read someone else’s phone calls. Are you so valuable and important to someone that they won’t want to change you to someone else, or are you just afraid. What you do defines who you are, so which of these activities make you a sexy, smart, resourceful woman?

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Once you answer this question, then take care of yourself. In fact, you don’t have to ask how to deal with jealousy. You just have to deal with yourself. Emotions cannot be changed, but when you are consumed by something else, you will forget about jealousy. So get yourself a hamster. Sign up for a Spanish course. Paint the barn. Learn to make the perfect burgers.

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