Love Is an Action, Not a Word

How many times have you heard the words “I Love You”? Not enough, sometimes, Love Is an Action too often maybe. Now, how many times have you seen the words “I Love You”…?

How many times have your significant other actually shown how much they love you? Too many times in relationships we depend too much on hearing the words. Instead of looking for the actions that show how much someone truly loves us, if any at all.

In any relationship from, someone who truly loves you will not need to tell you or reassure you that they do, because it is an action that flows naturally. For those who truly love you, it is an expression that is seemingly effortless and limitless. When someone loves you they’ll do almost anything for you, not because you ask them to but because they truly love you, and will forever have your best interest at heart.

Love Is an Action

They will only seek comfort and happiness for you in that relationship, and any element of your life that doesn’t offer that peace, serenity, and happiness, they will seek to remove it or find other ways to compensate for it within the bounds of the relationship and your life. When someone loves you, you don’t need to ask them or for them to tell you that they do because their actions shout louder than any words could surpass.

They are often willing to put you before themselves and seek your happiness rather than theirs, in other words, selflessness. Someone who loves you empowers you and makes you a better person in every aspect of your life, inside and outside of the relationship, in other words, they add value. For those that truly love you, intimacy will not be the priority of the relationship; for them, it is a deeper, inexplicable connection that they seek, they want to be one with who you are and contribute positively in every aspect of your life.

Relationship with Someone – Love Is an Action

If you are in a relationship with someone and the relationship seems more frustrating, stressful, exhausting than it really. Because you have to demand that the person shows how much they love you. Then maybe it isn’t really loved. When there is mutual, sincere love in a relationship from both parties, every encounter with both only leads to further growth and nourishment from that encounter or interaction, not draining the life from you or making you feel less than you are, which represents regress, not progress; represents the destruction not added value.

More importantly, when someone truly loves you others around you will see it as well. This is because true relationship radiates from the inside out.

Love is not the sex, or how many times the person says the words and you tallying them. It’s not how much the other person spends on you to show it, or any other tangible expression. Not because the person is trying to prove that they love you, but because they can’t help but doing it; for them, it comes naturally.

So Lets Recap: Love Is an Action

  1. Love is an action so it should be expressed more than it’s told
  2. The Love should never be demanded, it should be given naturally
  3. Love only wants what’s best for you, not itself, and seeks only your betterment
  4. If it does more harm than good then it isn’t loved and it’s time to go

Love is like breathing, you can’t help but do it. And if you stop it will be like suicide because it is the giver of life.

Now That’s an Expression of True Love.

Winston A. Henderson is a Personal Development Enthusiast, Marketing Enthusiast, Creative and Article Writer, Poet, aspiring Entrepreneur, and most importantly Philanthropist.

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His newly created charity organization Jamaica Reformation Project (J-ReP) focuses on enabling people to become better persons and live better lives through personal, social, and economic development. The organization has done work to raise awareness about HIV/STI in Colleges in Jamaica. And also raise funds for homes that house children with mental disabilities.

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