Managing Life Together With Your Partner During Confinement

Managing Life Together, The social distancing and confinement imposed by the government necessarily have a more or less strong impact on your relationship.

Finding the right balance between shared space and personal space can go a long way towards keeping a relationship “healthy” . Having your own friends, work, and interests often helps to breathe life and desire into relationships, creating a vital buffer zone between you and your partner that you could irritate each other without. . However, many confined households with their partner who face the added SharekAlomre pressure of financial stress or that of full-time childcare find it more difficult to obtain this respite. So how do you create that sense of personal space and learn to live together 24/7?

Our Living Space Is Small

My partner usually works 80 hours a week as a chef and it’s usually just me at home. Suddenly the restaurant he works in has closed and we are both in the house 24/7 – how can we adapt to this?

What most couples will struggle with during this time is the lack of personal space. Can you put in place strategies to deal with it? Even simple things like working in different rooms in the house, going out for separate walks, or taking a long bath can help pace your day. Shared activities that require concentration more than conversation can also be a relaxing way to bond. Start building a puzzle together, finally tackle that patch of weeds in the garden or get your hands dirty together to make this never-tested-before brioche recipe.

Managing Life Together With Your Partner During Confinement

How Do You Avoid Arguing Over Little Things, Like Who Controls The TV Remote?

Don’t try to do everything together! If you can’t agree on the same Netflix program, maybe it’s best to turn to an audiobook or a good podcast. Try, as hard as it is, to remember that everyone is feeling extra pressure right now, both financially and in terms of their family’s health. So now might be a good time to count to 10, tell yourself that this situation will end soon, and therefore avoid any escalation of arguments.

It might be a good idea to work in separate rooms, or if you’re working in the same room, put on your headphones! If there’s no space, walk around the block for some fresh air SharekAlomre.Com and take turns cooking so everyone can continue doing things independently. You can also share activities that bring you closer, like exercising for an hour or going for a walk. These activities don’t involve deep conversations (and sometimes, let’s face it, that’s a relief!) but help you feel connected to each other.

Obviously, like other couples, we can only leave the house once a day – any advice? Dating together/separately? At particular times of the day?

A Living Room and The Bedroom – Managing Life Together

Creating a personal space will help you organize your thoughts and relax. If things get tense, take a time out and go for a walk separately. If you choose to spend this time together, try to make it quality time. Leave your phones at home and pause to really listen to how the other person is feeling. The best thing we can do for each other during this time is to support each other and respect each other’s unique emotions.

My partner’s family is stranded overseas at the moment, causing stress. How to cope ?

If you’re feeling too stressed, try unplugging for a day. Give yourself a break from the news and the internet. Allow yourself to take the day off to focus on activities you enjoy, like podcasting, yoga, or cooking a good meal. When it comes to being supportive, you can also do something as simple as making him coffee or cake to show you care, even if he has trouble expressing his feelings openly. Sometimes it’s the small, seemingly insignificant gestures that soothe the most.

We are the only people we see and talk to face to face on a daily basis – what impact does that have on a relationship?

How Can We Make Sure We Have Space? – Managing Life Together

Time spent physically a little apart from each other can be a great way to rekindle a spark in a relationship. When you don’t have that leeway, things can quickly turn into a pressure cooker. Remember that our partners are not expected to meet all of our emotional needs. Be sure to plan calls with your friends and family members, they will be able to offer you this listening or this additional comfort that you need.

We have to make mutual concessions! Of course, be considerate by putting on your headphones and going to another room if possible. But by communicating with your wider social circle for moral support. You will lessen the pressure on your relationship. I work from home and my partner keeps interrupting me to yell at. The chat or show me a funny animal video. How do I get him to understand that I’m working despite being at home?

When one partner has to work from home and the other is on vacation. It can create friction. Can you set up a dedicated workspace that allows you to focus solely on your files? Can you also inform him: “I have an important meeting today at 5 p.m.. If you take the opportunity to take a walk at that time so as not to be disturbed”? Clear information and the suggestion of a solution limit anger or blame. If the animal or feline syndromes persist (!). Try to approach this point in a playful tone by saying to him: “You are a very nice distraction. But I will have to take advantage of it later…”. Don’t forget that a caring partner must be attentive precisely to your limits.

I’m Now Video Calling with Everyone in My Life – Managing Life Together

My partner took his work home and started deep cleaning the kitchen like he did in his restaurant kitchen. He treats me like a staff member in our kitchen. What should I do to make sure he keeps himself busy without becoming irritable?


Try looking at things from a different perspective: what if her spring cleaning project helps her focus on something? You too have your own priorities and operating methods! Use humor to defuse the situation and if he doesn’t (nicely) take notice, tell him. “I promise to help you this weekend, but for now I have to finish my job. “. Compliments can also be very life-saving if you see your partner doing something useful (like a good cleaning!). Remember to recognize their efforts and thank them…even if unloading the dishwasher woke up this morning!

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